Flag counter is ranked number one in our opinion. It is very reliable to count 99% of all your visits, the support is friendly and the staff are hard working. Many visitor counters will put odd countries like Christmas Island (for example) as uknown, or even as Vatican City, but we guarantee you flag counter will get it right. Most flag collectors collect on flag counter, and the trend originated there.



Revolver maps is almost as reliable as flag counter, thus we put it as second. The counter stats are very enjoyable to look at and it can even teach you a hand full of geography, pin pointing cities and countries with colored dots of your choice. Some flag collectors like to have a revolver as a secondary counter. Revolver maps are very neat on your website, with a nice 3D spinning globe, customized to however you like!



Supercounter tends to be pretty good with getting the visitors location even with the really secluded places. They have multiple types of counters to suit your website. We would recommend this for a casual counter in the footer of a website. So with that supercounter takes out third.